Emerson™ CONNECTED is a mobile application, available for iOS and Android, that makes all the main functions of the controller available, in real time, on your mobile device.

Emerson™ CONNECTED is an innovative refrigeration control system (useful for refrigerated cabinets, cold rooms, display cases, chillers, and more) which allows a complete, fast and simplified user experience.

Through dedicated functions and powerful graphs, the system facilitates accurate statistical analysis for optimised and high-performance sales management. The data logger and powerful management of the alarms facilitate maintenance activities, while ensuring correct product preservation and lower management costs.

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Emerson™ CONNECTED is a very powerful tool at your service

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    Remove the distance between user and equipment, improving the user experience

  • document

    Latest product documentation always at your fingertips

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    Sales performance indicator: an intuitive analysis for the optimal equipment placement and for increasing sales revenues

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    Simplified maintenance: reduced downtime and easy replacement of damaged parts

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    Diversified permission levels and authentications for groups and users

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    Continuous monitoring of the equipment (counters, showcases, etc.)

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    and much more…

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Who is Emerson™ CONNECTED for?

Emerson™ CONNECTED can be used in all those markets where special solutions for the management and the optimisation of the refrigeration systems are needed.

The exclusive features make Emerson™ CONNECTED suitable for:

  • owners of cafés, pâtisseries, restaurants, small and medium-sized supermarkets
  • maintenance technicians
  • companies that provide refrigerated counters and refrigerated display cases on gratuitous loan

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One app, endless tools for your business. With just one touch, you can access the main functions, with a considerable saving of time you can dedicate to activities with high added value.

  • Remove distances between the user and the equipment, improving the user experience: full management of the equipment and control of sales statistics and operation
  • Documentation always at your fingertips
  • Preventive maintenance: reduced equipment downtime due to failures
  • Appliance tracking to take under control the units (counters, showcases, and more) sold or on gratuitous loan
  • Pick up, storage and analysis of data for sales statistics
  • Equipment control and management
  • Reduced programming time
  • Reduced commissioning, modification and restoring time
  • Mobile application with real-time monitoring functions and continuous equipment status update
  • Real-time and historical data saved locally and in a Cloud database to comply with the HACCP regulation

Emerson™ CONNECTED App Login

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Dixell belongs to the EMERSON group, which, together with its partners, provides global solutions to improve people's comfort, protect food quality and the environment.

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